Sometimes its all I can do to focus upon this very moment.

Thoughts and feelings and emotions flit here and there, rubbing and chafing against one another until the friction creates an undeniable discomfort within.

They bounce off the inside of my being and roll around amongst one another only creating angst and uncertainty and doubt  as they each are given due time to state their case.

And then, in a flash of insight the truth is revealed.

The truth in that all outside influence is just that; influence.

What matters is the rawness of my being in this very moment, not the billions of combinations and possibilities being calculated in real-time.

I find solace in the realization that whatever my simple mind can dream up with respect to “future” or possibility or eventual outcome, the power of the NOW to pleasantly surprise is profound.

It is in the NOW that I can Love.

It is in the NOW that I can have faith.

It is in the NOW that I can feel gratitude.

Anywhere else is but a figment of the imagination.

I was floating amidst a sea of uncertainty and calculated doubt but I am back.


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