Capacity and Plasticity

I am not stuck in the NOW. Rather, it is but a stop on the path toward the next and the next and the next. Until there is no next.

Except is there?

There is no real way to know. At least from a logical standpoint.

So that leaves us with faith. And faith can move mountains. Proverbial ones at least.

My capacity to Love is ever growing. Once an impressionable and self conscious young boy, I am now a grown man filled with wonder and joy and optimism.

Once a lonely single male, I am now a happily married gentleman.

The capacity to grow into any new phase or state of being is due in part to our magnificently plastic organism. What is one way today may be expanded upon or built up, torn down or otherwise and before long entirely new.

The body is constantly purging and regenerating cell tissue and so it holds that in due time we begin anew. Each day can feel this way if we really think about it.

I can build my capacity to shift emotionally on command so as to be impacted to a lesser degree by the inherent fluctuations within.

I can build my capacity to perform a physical task be it lifting weights or running or mountain climbing.

I can build my capacity also for chemical tolerance to various substances be it caffeine, alcohol or otherwise.

Good or bad is irrelevant.

Attention to detail is paramount.

The point is this:

We are plastic beings capable of nearly anything through focused alignment and practice.



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