Sometimes you just have to wing it.

I will clarify.

A recipe is nice to have but it is just someone else’s instructions on how to do something. Ultimately there is very little creativity involved in the following. A basic level of cooking acumen is necessary but the repeated trials to get it just right (or repeatable) has been done by someone else.

There is something beautiful in being willing to risk everything.

You may risk a few canvases and a can or two of paint.

You may risk being laughed at or called a dreamer.

You may risk ruining Christmas dinner.

But in the end you will have put your best attempt forward and with your heart created something of genuine Love and attention.

Of INTENTION. As in, intentional. On purpose. With feeling.

Anyone can follow a recipe or checklist or guide.

It takes true courage to wing it and pour yourself into a new experience.

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