In beginning upon the path of intentionally living in the NOW, we must take a look at those life elements which have the power to alter our perception of reality.

Reality is defined as a concrete state of existence. It is the way it IS. Reality as a place in time is very real and definable (most of the time). What changes then is our PERCEPTION of said reality. “Things” may be one way but we can interpret them in any number of ways. Favorable ways, unfavorable ways, exciting or mundane ways. It all seems to come down to the way in which we interpret any given NOW moment.

Enter the fiveĀ foundational pillars of TheNowLife.






Unrested and weary, we perceive the world through a less than open frame. Tired and run down, the body and mind cannot operate at optimal levels and so our processes (all of them) suffer. Unfortunately we operate from this unrested state for much of our lives, giving in to the notion that we must be busy all the time or working toward something or otherwise occupied. The alternative, at least culturally is one of laziness and sloth. Fortunately there is a middle road. One of permission to actually rest and recover. All in the name of learning to truly live in the NOW.

Nutrition is a life department which mystifies the masses. Told one year that fat and cholesterol is bad, then the next told to include it but only “good” kinds. In short order, the human race (one which has been around for thousands upon thousands of years) has become mixed up in an ever-changing ideation of right versus wrong. Fortunately it is much simpler than we think.

Protein, carbohydrate, fiber, fat. Every meal we eat should include some form of these macronutrients. But which ones? The ones which made it to your possession in as few steps from the sun as possible. Tea for example: Sun shined on the ground, tea plants/leaves grew, were picked and in the case of some are able to be steeped right away. Very few steps from the sun. Coffee on the other hand (and I absolutely Love coffee): Sun shined on the ground, coffee tree/bush grows. Fruit grows, ripens and is harvested. Then fruit is dried, roasted packed, shipped, ground and then brewed. Many many steps. Fewer steps the better. We exist because of the sun so why remove ourselves from it further than necessary?

Bonus: if it has an ingredient list, think twice about eating it.

Movement is severely lacking in our culture. Natural movements at least. We often sit in vehicles to sit in offices to then sit in vehicles to then sit at home. How is this natural? We have inherent energies coursing through our bodies at any given time and to fail in moving them is the precursor to a host of maladies. Natural human movements:

Walk, run, sprint, swim, jump, throw, lift, push, pull. There are more but these will suffice for now. The point is repetitive movements as seen in any number of gym routines or on television “workout”programs are a) a waste of money b) a fast track to injury.

Move the body the way it was meant to move. Not repeatedly across a limited range of motion.

Connect with others. Connect with Nature. Connect with yourself.

Make eye contact and actually listen. Go for a hike in the woods or swim in the ocean.

Sit in silence for twenty minutes.

Make connections a priority.

Our lives are made up of practices. A doctor maintains his practice by continuing education and seeing patients regularly. This works to hone his skills and makes him better every day. Many of us have practices which include hours of television, or other unhealthy behaviors. As my teachers Albina and Roger Rippy say, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything”. Practice is that which you do regularly and makes up the person and spiritual being you are. We have practices in each section of our lives. We have rest practices, nutrition practices, movement practices and connection practices.

With a detail oriented approach but most of all a keen interest in coming to know ourselves in each moment, we can begin to notice our practices and then make small changes over the course of our lifetime. Ultimately what happens is that we gain an acute awareness of what is happening in real-time and can sense the emotional fluctuations within.


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