I sat down yesterday to write my daily three page journal entry. An exercise in consistency, I often force myself to write until the three (small) pages are filled. What comes up during these writing sessions often surprises me because I never plan what to write about. “Stuff” just comes up. What came up for me yesterday was the idea that we have for the first time in history, the entire collection of human knowledge to date available literally at our fingertips. We can do anything and everything but not all at once.

And that’s the rub. In a world where everything is possible we find ourselves tempted to “multi-task”, something which is scientifically proven to be impossible. We are creatures capable of intense focus upon one thing. Once we begin to spread our attention to various tasks all at once, our performance suffers. We go from doing one thing really really well and with heart, to doing many things poorly. Every wonder where the saying, “Half-hearted” comes from?

The most interesting thing about my journal entry on distraction is that I didn’t finish it. I received a phone call just after beginning the second page and

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