It’s easy to live in the NOW when things are going great. When you’re smack dab in the middle of an epic experience you can’t help but think of nothing but the task at hand. Often this is because if attention wavers then disastrous results are very possible.

In the heat of frustration or challenge though, our instinctual reaction is one of projecting to an easier (but imagined) future or re-living a less trouble mired past. We are afforded in these moments (much to our detriment) the opportunity to think. I often liken this type of thinking to “ruminating”. Moo.

Hint: the past wasn’t actually easier. We often just paint it in a rosier light of hindsight in an effort to color our own current reality in a more pleasant hue.

And so, I sit and ponder the value of each new moment, taking the epically intense and the gut wrenching triviality of “life” as equals. Because they are.

Ones and Zeros.

Ups and Downs.

They are all absolutely necessary. And that is okay.

As always, ours is a rolling state of awareness played upon by myriad outside forces.

The trick then is to go within and remain centered. Therein lies the truth.

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