Heart II

The heart and mind crave differently.

A pattern recognition machine, our minds seek out the chemical interactions which produce the largest reward payoff for the least amount of energy expended.

A memory system, our hearts not only respond to the ways in which we satisfy the cravings of the brain but carry within them a record of all the emotional implications of a lifetime worth of behavior.

In the heat of a burning compulsion, the brain screams for immediate satisfaction. A plugging of pleading receptors. Soon though these oft appeased sections of the brain grow weary of original dosage and require more and more of a hit to create the same result.

Enter addiction.

The heart on the other hand longs for recognition and to spill over with compassion and kindness. Blocking this natural outpouring though is a lifetime of scar tissue like muck accumulation resulting from a denial of this natural requirement. A stifling of innate proclivities as a result of social conditioning and emotional abuse.

What then is good for the heart? Is what I am about to do, or put in my body  an effort to appease the simple brain, or to nourish the ever remembering heart?

Brains reward only temporarily.

Hearts reward forever.


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