We are living in the future.

The future imagined five, ten, seventeen years ago. The future which wasn’t even fathomable ten years ago. The iPhone debut was only eleven years ago and look what is possible with that one simple device.

We live in a time of lightning fast progress, inspiration and creativity. Gone are the days of pure survival. Instead we now are afforded the opportunity to create and to Love and to work together.

Gone are the days “requiring” segmentation into cliques and groups in order to survive. Now the only way to achieve greatness is to band together into what Seth Godin so eloquently calls, “Tribes”.

We are communal beings requiring deep and meaningful connection to thrive. And by connection I do not mean bonding over beers and football every Sunday.

We must be able to SEE one another. Actually see them, without bias and without judgement. We must learn to SEE the simple and elegant soul within everyone and with compassion realize the profundity of this predicament. Namely, that we are all in this together. We are connected whether we want to believe it or not.

Like the sea of Aspen trees, we too are linked by a universal and connected root system.

We just make up the assumption of separateness.

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