The NOW can be tricky to navigate. 

In one moment we may be compelled to accomplish as much as possible for accomplishment sake. 

All in the name of “productivity”. 

The dreaded P word. I’ll give you a hint: this behavior, lifestyle and expectation is finally outdated. 

Instead we are beginning to see a movement away from a requirement to DO, and toward a world which is aligned with quality of life and connection and Love.

At a point in recent history, to Love your family meant to provide for them. To provide it was expected to spend countless hours making money for your superiors all at the expense of your own personal time and unfortunately the expense of quality time with those whom you care about. 

The ironic part of this arrangement is that in the process of “providing”, we often removed ourselves from the home and relied upon television, after school programs and blind faith that our families were taken care of.

Like a plant which is watered daily, we expected our families to bloom.

Except they didn’t. They became stifled and stunted and mildly self sufficient. 

Instead of genuine connection and Love we experienced a more diluted form of interaction. Interaction which rarely dug deeply enough into the NOW to make any real impact. 

This scene played out over millions of households after the industrial and business revolution. Time was money. 

Not any more. 

Money is still our method of trade. A socially agreed upon means of exchange by which we manage to get what we need to survive. Also that which we really don’t need at all. 

Money needn’t govern our lives any longer though. With copious opportunities to make a living we can now branch out and do the things which scream from the heart, as opposed to the things our conditioned minds have always told us to do. 

This attitude obviously must be tempered and adjusted for a given situation but the idea of leading with heart and realigning basic focus is one which will transform lives dramatically.

The NOW is plastic and manageable and dynamic. We can always through continued awareness practice cultivate our ability to see clearly the truth, as opposed to what we have been TOLD all along. 

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