TNL DREAM Sequence

A Best Rest Methodology



We live in a connected world. Dings, tweets, clicks, beeps. They pour in to our psyche and immediate surroundings at all volumes and from all angles.

What’s more, these alerts and devices of distraction emit a specific glow. A light spectrum disturbing to the human sleep cycle.

Some newer devices offer an evening “mode” of altered light emission and this is a step in the right direction. Total disconnection though is the only way to allow for the human sleep sequence to unfold properly. Naturally.

All electronics be it phones, tablets, e-readers, computers, televisions etc. should be set aside in the hour before bed.


Utilized the time before bed to record the happenings of your day and thus reflect on the past period of wakefulness. This is a time to jot down thoughts, ideas, trials, tribulations, triumphs, “failures” (hint: you want more of these), and anything else that comes to mind.

This running history of each day will become a valuable resource in future NOW moments as you look back and review the events of your recent past. It is through this practice that habits and patterns begin to show themselves and allow for a more fruitful NOW as life progresses.


Hug it out. Or better yet, do it. Yes, I said do it. Have sex. It releases a host of healing hormones and chemicals throughout the body and is amazingly healthy. That is if it is with someone you actually Love. Science has shown that the hormone oxytocin is released while embracing another or while engaged in sex with a parter whom you Love.

Oxytocin has been credited with lowering cortisol (stress hormone) and cements the bonding process in the human species.

The most interesting bit of scientific evidence within this discussion though is that the healing chemicals and stress reducing benefits of embracing or sex are much less pronounced (if not absent) when experienced with someone we DONT actually Love.

Makes ya think 🙂

Affirmations/Am Statements/Appreciation

I am Love

I am Healthy

I am Successful.

You pick your own I am statements. This practice literally re-wires the brain to associate only with these positive statements and is proven to eliminate doubt, uncertainty and the idea of scarcity.

Gratitude and appreciation may be the most powerful thought energy a human can emit. Religious and spiritual leaders have taught this truth for millennia. There is no thought you can run through your mind which will make more of a difference than that of Gratitude. None.

Bonus: the next time you stub your toe, instead of thinking about how much it hurts, think of a delicious ice cream cone instead. Sounds ridiculous huh? That’s why you should try it. In the moment of “pain”, you are not denying the pain. In fact you are feeling it for what it is: pain. It is necessary. It tells you something is wrong. The whole ice cream bit is an exercise illustrating the learned ability to shift mentally to a more pleasant idea in the heat of that pain. Pain is just pain. Pleasure is just pleasure. The meaning we apply to it is of our own doing.


Mediation is a scary word to some. It shouldn’t be. Just sit in silence for any period of time.

(20 minutes is particularly effective).

Now do nothing. Yes, I said do nothing. Sounds easy huh?

It isn’t.

Until it is.

This practice allows the human brain and energetic body to come to a settled point of equilibrium. We run around all day and the neurons within our brain fire incessantly. They navigate traffic, screaming tantrums and board meetings. This brilliant brain of ours is simply not designed for that. Sometimes it needs a break.

Want an added tip? Focus all your attention on the area of the heart while doing nothing. The results just may astound you.


That’s it.

A simple, easy to remember set of steps to do in preparation for the best rest ever.

Disconnect, Record/Reflect, Embrace, Am Affirmations, Meditate


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