Five years ago I sat across a desk from a company manager as I interviewed for my first airline instructor position.

I had studied my behind off in preparation for that job and I was still nervous as all get out.

Why was I nervous? Was it because I was afraid of not getting the job? Was it because I was concerned with how it would look to my peers if I was not selected?

Or was it because I actually cared and was fully invested emotionally in the process, and in the successful outcome?

In aviation we have an understanding that every year at regular intervals we will return to the training environment to knock off some rust in handling emergency situations (this is a good thing due to the profound safety of modern aircraft and aviation infrastructure), and to polish skills used every day.

This said, despite the regularity of such rigorous training, most of us feel a certain degree of nervousness going into the training and checking events. This it true of a first year co-pilot as it is for a seasoned thirty year Captain.

The point is that a little pride in our work is a good thing, and that a little nervousness and fear is healthy. I long to be in a position regularly where I am focusing all my energies into one thing to ensure a successful outcome.

We often succumb to the hum drum of daily life, tragically neglecting the brilliance of the moment of NOW and each and every task at hand. It is these moments which make for a magnificent NOW, each and every moment. These moments roll on day by day. By training ourselves to pay acute attention to the details along the way something spectacular happens.

We, as a result of continued practice begin to see life as a beautifully woven tapestry of NOW events. NOW events during which we were fully present and actually took the time to feel and to connect and to Love.

Find your NOW moment and say Hello.

Then repeat for the rest of your life.

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