I have so much to do.

Have: as in possessing? As in my docket is so so full!

Have: as in MUST? As in this needs to get done or else!

It seems we run around reciting to ourselves and others that we have SO much to do and SO little time to do it. Except that time is not real. Time, like money is simply an agreed upon social construct within which we CHOOSE to operate.

And so, like the choice to wear a certain color or style of shoes. Like the choice to eat this or that. And the choice to spend, invest or save our money, the choice in how we manage our “Time” is ours and ours alone.

This may be a challenging concept to grasp for some. Most of us (all of us) have had our lives governed by the clock since a young age. The school clock clunks toward a certain number and we know the bell will ring. Oh how we would long for the bell to ring!

Except that now we are grown, responsible adults. What is it that we are responsible to/for then? Again we are faced with choice. Will we choose to be governed by the imaginary clock and the demands (or worse, the expectations) of others? Or will we choose to be mindful of the NOW moment and rest assured that within it, we are doing the best we can.

All we can do is, with awareness and compassion (for ourselves and for others), focus intensely upon each new NOW moment as it rolls around to us and to be grateful for whatever it brings.


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