What is it that we give on a daily basis?

Is it our time?

Is it our money?

Is it our attention? 

Sometimes we assume that to give we must open up our wallets and “donate” to a cause or to someone otherwise less fortunate. 

In truth though, we have the capacity to GIVE in each NOW moment. 

By making eye contact with the person we are interacting with we are acknowledging them as a fellow human. A fellow human walking a similar path. We are after all on the same journey of birth, life/growth and death. 

By listening when another is speaking we thwart the ingrained impulse to speak for the sake of speaking. Often we succumb to the nasty habit of simply waiting (albeit patiently) for our turn to speak, unfortunately oblivious to what the other has just said. 

To actually listen and what’s more, to HEAR another is a gift we can focus upon giving in this so very precious moment. 

Let us expand our awareness of what it means to GIVE, and make it a priority in every day life. 

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