Sometimes it takes our all just to feel. 

Feel the happy.

Feel the sad.

Feel the boredom.

Feel the glad. 

We so often cover up whatever we feel out of some assumption that we should behave in a different or more “socially appropriate” way.

What we feel and how we appear to feel can be very different and often contradictory. 

How we outwardly espress ourselves may be interpreted in a much different way than we intended.

And so, the challenge in each Now moment is to continually remind ourselves to feel without adding to it the conditioned expectations of right or wrong or otherwise.

Everything we attach to the feeling be it bias, meaning, origin, source etc. is added after the fact, by us. It is not real. It is just our imaginations running wild. Wildly beyond the truth. 

Feeling tells the truth. 

And it is okay. 

That is all. 

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