The first word I ever looked up in a dictionary. 

I was in first grade at Garfield elementary in Alhambra, CA. Ms Bowen was my teacher. 

I insisted that day after school that my mother come to the classroom so I could show her how I did it. 

“You see, I go to this shelf, then I grab this big book (it’s called a dictionary). Then I look for P (they’re in alphabetical order) and then there’s the word!”


There’s even a drawing of a teddy bear beneath a parachute descending gently to Earth.

Such unbridled joy in a new discovery.

A joy we were all born with and which still exists within our being albeit stifled by “responsibility” etcetera. 

The joy of self inquiry, and of limitless possibility. The joy of self affirmation and confidence. The kind of confidence which knows no boundaries. No boundaries because I can look up ANY word I want. 

Because I have a dictionary. 

And now, we can look up not only any word, but any THING. Absolutely every morsel of recorded human thought and discovery is at our fingertips. We, for the first time in history are able to learn a language, diagnose a medical ailment or research new home prices all with the flick of a finger. 

We live in the Future. 

Think about that for a moment. 

These are remarkable times to be alive. 


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