There is always enough “time”.

Because time is a construct of our own imagination. It exists only because we insist and because we elect to subscribe to the conventional agreement to do so.

This agreement allows us particular freedoms and abilities. Namely, the ability to accomplish tasks in a metered and measured way. Airplane schedules for example would be much more haphazard without the applied agreement of time.

El Al though, the Israeli airline only publishes the time you need to be at the airport. For security reasons they do not publish the actual departure time. So you, the passenger just show up at the allotted time and go when they say you go. And the flights still arrive at their destination and everyone is content with the arrangement because they agree to the construct. They subscribe to the policy.

We live our lives opted in to so many subscriptions like these. 

We subscribe to the idea of how life and work and relationships “should” be. 

We subscribe to ideas about the way we should look, weigh, feel and behave. 

Through awareness practice though and the constant redirection of our attention to the NOW, these subscriptions become more and more apparent. 

With this awareness we are then able to see the social constructs for what they are (agreements) as opposed to hard and fast mandatory laws.

Society thrives on agreements like stopping at red lights and moving out of the way of ambulances. These are smart and safe practices.

Other practices though, those done just “because” it’s always been done that way are stifling and inhibit true growth. 

Just something to think about. 

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