The thing about tailwinds is that they’re a trick.

You may be getting to where you’re going a bit faster than normal but unless you’re staying there for a long while, the way back will be just that much longer than it normally is. 

Over the course of a lifetime of travel my educated assumption (guess) is that it all evens out. You get there when you get there. Enjoy the ride! 

This all plays into the binary nature of our Universe yet again. 

You can’t have the wave crest to surf without the contrasting trough. 

You can’t have the fast and free downhill coast on a mountain bike without the hard work of the climb (unless you took the chair lift up but that’s another discussion) 

The tailwinds are nice and we ought to smile and be grateful when they happen. 

But to express frustration when it’s the other way around is a misunderstanding of the way this all works. 

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