How to: Gratitude

How to experience gratitude:

Sit comfortably. 

Take a deep breath. 

Close your eyes. 

Begin to recite to yourself a continuous list of all that you have in this life. 

I am alive.

I am well fed.

I have clean water to drink.

I have a checking account.

I have a car to drive.

Start small and simple and with that which seems obvious. It is often the things which are the simplest that prove to be the easiest to take for granted. 

Move up from there and add detail. 

My heart is beating.

Thousands of signals are being transmitted and processed within my body all in PERFECT synchronization thus enabling me to perceive this NOW moment.

Continue further and soon the intricacies of just being human begin to bewilder the rational mind. Soon it becomes very easy to see ourselves as miraculous creatures. 

Truly miraculous. 

By doing this we are able to reinforce the fact that our lives are actually rich and abundant despite what we may otherwise have come to believe. 

These reminders are then firmly affixed into the subconscious mind leading to ever expanding self awareness and appreciation. 

We are unbelievably amazing organisms. 

Sometimes we just need a little reminder. 

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