If in the NOW you are surrounded by beauty, love and abundance, then what more could you ask for?

Despite this ever pervading truth, we seem to still be unable to find peace and contentment with this moment the way it is. In its raw truth and reality.

Things could alway be better. 

Things could always be worse. 

And yet, all we can actually act upon is this NOW moment. 

No amount of planning or strategizing or complaining will make this exact moment any better. It is only through pointed attention and action right NOW that we can ever realize the insight we expect and the awareness we seek. 

Look around and intend to find beauty and abundance. Do this on purpose. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. I love this one Josh. We can find joy in every day if we just realize that each day is a gift! Breathing, hearing a bird, food to eat, shelter, smiles, hugs and on and on!

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