Define entertainment. 

Go ahead I’ll give you a moment.
Is entertainment that which captures our hearts and minds in a precise moment or series of moments? Is it during these moments that we are swept to an alternate universe devoid of pain or worry or angst? 

Or is entertainment our right as organisms geared toward the pursuit of pleasure and “happiness”? 

What if entertainment is just a source of distraction? 

Distraction from what you may say? 

I’ll venture that entertainment is often a distraction from actual life. A brief foray into a reality where, for a brief moment we don’t have to deal with the elements of pain and connection and awkwardness of truth. If we can avoid those for even a couple hours we are often relieved to be free of actual feelings and emotions.

Instead we opt for manufactured feelings and emotions. Those imprinted upon our minds and psyches primarily via screens, but on stage and print as well.

Of course certain sources of entertainment are educational and stimulating in a way which promotes growth. And as always we have a choice.

A choice to censor that which we allow into our psyche disguised as entertainment. 

This choice is an important one. 

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