Let’s talk food for a moment.

There’s “food”.

And then there’s FOOD.

Similarly, there is nutrition…

And then there’s “fuel”.

The human body will run on various “fuels” i.e. something burned for its caloric value. It is the quality of the burn though that we should be paying closer attention to.

I’ll attempt an explanation.

Your car runs on gas from a pump. The options are normally one of three unleaded options or if your vehicle is so equipped, diesel. Fine.

Depending upon the operation or make/model of the vehicle, certain fuels are more appropriate. I know that my Jeep runs just fine on regular (the manufacturer tells me so). But if I decide to tow a 3,000 pound camper, I will be better off (with respect to performance NOW and vehicle longevity) if I fill it instead with a higher level fuel.

The higher quality fuel affords me better combustion, cleaner exhaust and an overall more efficient fuel burn over time.

In this example I am electing in essence to use a more “nutritious” fuel due to the demands of a particular task and desired performance.

As a human we can devour and run (live) on any number of “fuels”, some of which are a far cry from nutritious.

Nutrition can be likened to the plugging of certain receptors in the body by which optimal performance can be attained. By performance I mean proper firing of neurons, digestion processes and overall aging and healing operations.

If the sole intent for your body is to “survive”, as in live overnight then you can probably ingest just about anything for a certain period of time. But if your intention is to maximize health and overall function, efficiency of energy production/usage and mental acuity then nutrition is your friend.

Ever wonder why you feel foggy sometimes or unable to think clearly?

Take a look at nutrition and evaluate from there.


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