What is actually true about the NOW and not a figment of the ever powerful imagination? Practices such as silence, meditation, prayer, affirmations and self-care are all elements which work to refine our perception of reality in the NOW.


Study, study, study. Until you have all pertinent information to make an informed decision. Use caution here though: paralysis by analysis is a very real conundrum. Gather all available resources, center yourself and then ACT.


Redefine your attitude toward security and the emphasis you place upon it. Traveling abroad seems scary and risky and foolish if you listen to the mainstream media. In truth people travel all over the planet every day in perfect safety (and build memories and experiences of a lifetime because of it). Wilmington, DE (aka “Murdertown USA”) is just ten miles North of where I live. Does that mean I am unsafe? You decide.


As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. Until that is, the pursuit of knowledge gets in the way of actually making a decision. Experience is the best teacher in most instances. Learning is defined as “a change in a person as a result of experience”. And so, until we take a chance on the un-sure thing, we will never know, and we will never grow.


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