What is your default?

Let us revisit the idea that the human brain is an energy saving and pattern recognition machine. 

Novelty, (something never before experienced) requires full capacity processing on behalf of the brain. Firing on all cylinders in this manner, it works to create new connections by which to process this new (novel) information. 

Seems fairly simple. 

As life progresses and new experiences wane (habits form), the brain is able to fall back on existing connections and grooves (like on a record) thus accomplishing the same tasks with only a percentage of energy expenditure. 

Essentially our magnificent brain runs a simulation of what it has already experienced, enabling you to do most habitual tasks with your eyes closed or with minimal thinking. 

Returning to the original question:

What is your default?

What ideas, behaviors, attitudes, tendencies, skills, attributes (positive and negative) are so simply due to a lifetime of habit? 

Have you noticed that for many of the people we come into contact with, their default is one of pessimism, anger, frustration, argument and general discontent? 

For others, an aire of fluid contentment and happiness seems to envelop all they say and do. 

Both options are cultivated in the same way. It has to do with our default inner monologue.

That voice within. 

The Gremlin.

The Committee (thanks Mom 🙂

Consider for a moment that the person we associate with “being” is just an accumulation of these efficient brain connections. With this understanding it is NOW possible to see our innate ability to grow, learn and change without limit. 

What is one way NOW can be (with awareness) gently adjusted, pruned and trained in the direction of our most vivid dreams and aspirations.

It is through novelty that the mind grows and becomes more and more efficient. 

Do something you’ve never done before. The number of new connections possible is literally limitless. 

PS: the mind and spirit respond much more readily to positivity than the opposite. Example: “I am a positive person” is much more powerful than, “I will stop being negative”. 

See the difference? 

This is fun. 

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