The square peg fits in the round hole if forced. 

Hammered into place it stands fixed in an uncomfortable position, precariously unnatural. 

Over time the square peg is hammered into place so often that it’s distinctly unique corners and edges begin to wear away allowing it to “fit” easier and easier each time.

Except that the square peg knows it’s true form and that no amount of force and shaping will ever make it conform to the round hole everyone else seems to believe is the place or way to be. 

The square peg stands alone in nature. Unbridled by expectation it stands tall and supports that which is built upon it. 

Growing stronger by the day it fortifies its beautiful edges and corners, paving the way for authentic experience. 


As opposed to manufactured or forced. 

And yet, so often we too are forced (sometimes willingly) into uncomfortable situations and emotional contortions. All in the name of conformity and “reason”. 

God forbid we do something outside the general assumptions of normalcy. 


In a world of round, I choose to be square. 

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