Years ago I remember defragging my windows hard drive. The theory was that over time bits of computer information would become fragmented and essentially separated from the whole of information thus leading to slower processing and a general bogging down of the system. 

I’m certainly no computer expert but this is precisely what meditation does to the human brain. 

And I happen to know a thing or two about the brain and meditation :).

We run around all day processing countless calculations, solutions and tasks with our brains. This never ending activity eventually begins to take a toll. The brain and body begin to slow down, unable to fire as keenly as before. Soon we turn to caffeine and other drugs to cope and to “keep up” with a pace we’ve somehow come to consider normal. 

Without adequate REST, and regular brain breaks (I did not coin this term), the inner workings of our brain begin to lag, get fuzzy and generally fragment. 

Enter meditation (defragmentation). 

By sitting in silence the mind is afforded a much needed opportunity to rest and reset. What’s interesting though is just how challenging this (doing nothing) actually is.

My theory is that our inability to do “nothing” is deeply ingrained due to generations of industrialist mentality. A mentality of work work work because to work is our right and our livelihood. 

Except we are plagued as a society with stress induced ailments like heart disease, stroke and adrenal dysfunction. 

Practices such as silence, prayer and meditation require our collective permission. Permission to take a break from the hustle bustle because it is good for us and is the only way we will survive the fast paced world we have created. 

Take a few minutes every day to defrag the mind and spirit. It’s ok to do nothing once in a while. 

To sit. 

Like a bump on a log. 


  1. Ha. You started your “practice” when you were young , “sitting like a bump on a log”. Easier to sit in quiet meditation in Tyler MN!!


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