In lieu

In lieu of how do you do,

We ask what do you do.

As if your status as a living, breathing, thinking, feeling being is less than enough. 

We are more concerned with your space in society and buying power than your interest in connection and the profound need for it in this life.

We elect instead of seeing others for who they really are for aggressive assumptions of their negligence. We assume hastily that others are just ignorant or rude or otherwise. When in reality they are most likely hurting, just like us and the best course we can take is one of compassion. But we flip them off in traffic and mumble about them under our breath. We complain to others about the atrocities we’ve experienced leaving others wondering what we say about them. 

In a world of fast paced, high traffic and endless stimulation we cannot help but become overtaxed and overburdened; systemically. 

We owe it to ourselves and our fellow humans to give the benefit of the doubt. To see the humanity in all despite seeming ignorance. 

Our first impressions while sometimes correct are more than often wrong. 

We owe it to one another to take a breath and to SEE, with open hearts and compassion, that we all depend on each other. 

We cannot survive otherwise.

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