I was scheduled to work until 1230. A computer and telephone based training session. Easy peasy. I’d have plenty of time to make my 1300 appointment.

And then 1200 rolled by and we weren’t even close to finishing. In fact, the class continued on until 1230 when the test review began. 

I squirmed in my seat, frustration building as I had expected to be gone by now. How inconsiderate for the class to conflict with my schedule. 

Opting to take the test at a later date, and in an effort to make my appointment, I hustled to the truck after the review and made it to my appointment on time. 


“Oh Hello. We weren’t expecting you until 1400”. 

And sure enough, my calendar says 1400. Right there plain as day. I even received an alert yesterday in my phone.

I cannot help but giggle at the power of the inner monologue. The ever present possibility for outside circumstances to effect me internally. 

And so, I continue to practice.

I continue to smile.

I continue to remind myself of the importance of enjoying the ride NOW. 

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