Gratitude (again) 

I was nearly moved to tears as a woman in a convertible Camaro passed me with a smile, her Delaware license plate reminding me of just how grateful I really am for the elements of this life which mean so very much.

GRTFUL Delaware

GRTFL-1 Pennsylvania 

I saw these license plates today, within a two hour span, within 50 miles of one another. 


No such thing. 

Amidst a cacophony of aggressive posturing and competitive one-upmanship, I elect to fill my psyche with thoughts and images of pure gratitude. 

The Universe lets us know we are on the right track by presenting little bits of confirmation along the path we walk (or in this case drive).

I have said it before and I will continue to say it:

 Gratitude is the emotion we all owe it to ourselves (and one another) to cultivate in each and every NOW moment. 

Thank you. 


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