Does the outer clutter cause a cluttering of them mind, or the other way around?

Said another way: 

If our immediate environment is in disarray, is it a result of being frazzled within, or does the mess itself cause the inner turmoil?

I realize this is a bit of a chicken and egg conundrum but they do seem to go together. 

The inner and the outer. 

And so, we can work to clean up around us, tidying in more ways than one and the resulting inner landscape becomes rosier and tidy in itself. Likewise, the cultivation of our thoughts toward those of an uplifted quality creates space for us to see where things on the outside can be tightened up and made beautiful again. 

I look around and see beauty and order in nature. Seeming chaos is often actually a marvelously orchestrated series of entirely necessary and innate actions/processes. 

Does that mean that our messy house is a natural occurrence of beauty in nature? 

I suppose it is if you feel peaceful and at ease in that environment.

For me, order brings calm and vice versa.

Abundance abounds if you look for it. 

I’m looking. 

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