Simplicity and Surrender

Simplicity and surrender are a major theme for fully living in the NOW.

Simplicity because often the most profound realizations and poignant truths come to us as a result of cutting away the overgrown within our lives and learning to SEE what matters.

Surrender because until we do, to God, to the Universe, to the Path, we live a life of turmoil and suffering. By letting go of the reins and allowing the course of our lives to unfold organically (all the while having dreams and aspirations of course), we are released to take in the beauty and abundance all around us. By holding fast to the reins and insisting upon total control of every aspect of our experience, that organic beauty is lost to the limitations of our imagination.

And this is the most important part:

That our imagination is dwarfed by the power and possibility of the Ultimate. God/Universe etc. is capable of WAY more than we could ever imagine and to limit ourselves to what we can dream up is to miss the point.

Part of living in the NOW is being creative and driven.

The rest (and most of it) is in learning to trust in the process.


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