How have you taught others to behave around/toward you?

In Karen Pryor’s innovative book, “Don’t shoot the dog”, she dives deeply into the effectiveness of positive reinforcement with respect to training dogs and other animals.

For example, if I train my puppy to sit when I say “sit”, and inadvertently put my hand on my hip at the exact same time, then I may very well condition him to sit due to the hand gesture without intending to.

This simple example sheds a bit of light upon our ability to have unintended results in our day-to-day NOW existence.

This happens with other humans we interact with also.

We often condition others to behave in certain ways around us by reinforcing (often unknowingly) particular behaviors. With a twitch, or a smile or some other non verbal communication we can accidentally reinforce the way others interact with us and our world.

What’s more, we may behave in certain ways as a result of others’ inadvertent reinforcement  also.

The point is: before we jump to conclusions about the way others act toward us, perhaps it is in our best interest to be inquisitive as to what they are observing in us and therefore are simply responding to in a totally natural way.

As always, with awareness and continued practice we open up to a world of new angles and perspectives. No longer locked into our habitual and assuming ways, we begin to see abundance and possibility and light.


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