What rises up to the surface of your consciousness when you get quiet enough to notice?

Is it a few tiny bubbles, as if a couple degrees more would begin some motion?

Or is it a raging and tumultuous boil, spewing over the cauldron and into the conflagration below?

Or perhaps a low simmer. The kind which melds ingredients and Love into a symphony of aromas and flavor, longing to be shared and indulged upon. 

Getting quiet enough to notice is the easiest and most difficult part. 

Once the effort is made though the realizations begin to pour in. 

They pour in from seemingly nowhere connecting otherwise “unrelated” thoughts. 

They pour in from long forgotten traumas and triumphs carrying wisdom, truth and reassurance.

They pour in from the heart, our ever present source of vibratory connection with all that is, was and ever will be. 

These realizations float all around us.



We just need to be quiet enough to notice.

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