My dogs responded well to their lead type collars when they were new. Designed to be uncomfortable for the dog if they pull while on leash, these new additions to our daily walk made what was once a strenuous chore, a true joy.

But the dogs have begun to pull again. 

What was once uncomfortable for them has now become normal and so it seems they don’t even notice the device on their face. If I make them walk on a different side though, one which is uncomfortable again, the pulling stops and the leader does it’s job.

We do the same thing with uncomfortable situations and pain in our every day lives. 

What once was a nagging pain is now hardly noticed as we trudge along through our meetings and to do lists. 

The pain (our body’s signal that something is wrong) eventually blends into the background and becomes our new normal. 

Our new default.

Except no healing has taken place.

This continues throughout a lifetime until the systems which allowed for us to adjust to that which ails us begins to wear down itself, leaving us reeling and in search of a quick fix.

A mask to dull the pain. 

This happens physically,psychologically and emotionally. We learn to live with the pain until we no longer notice. Years pass by and scar tissue and stress responses build and weaken respectively. 

The pains we experience are real and necessary. The requirement to push through them and endure however is not. Change must be attempted if healing is to take place, and fortunately we do not have to go it alone. Through self inquiry we discover the ability to open up to others and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We learn to appreciate the lessons pain offers and then reap the goodness which comes in its wake. 

Along the Path we tread lightly but deliberately, welcoming those we encounter with a smile and a Loving gesture, only to be helped along the way at the most unexpected moments. 


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