Of all the dishes I’ve ever washed, this one is the most important. For it is the only one which is real, in this NOW.

Of all the meals I’ve eaten over a lifetime the one I’m eating NOW is the only one before me, providing pleasure, satisfaction, nourishment.

Of all the people I’ve met over the years, the person in my immediate reach is the only one who can truly benefit from my attention. The one being in front of me, with whom I am making eye contact is my only possible focus. And to them and only them I share in this NOW.


And so I bide my time and remain conscious during the seemingly menial and mundane. Because in truth the application of any given opinion or title to this or that is but a figment of my imagination and a social (or personal) agreement. An agreement of favorability or otherwise. 

It is only so because I subscribe to it.

I smile and say hello and make eye contact and embrace deeply. 

Let’s share this NOW. 

You never know what we’ll discover if we do. 


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