Paralysis by analysis.

Analysis paralysis.

A very real conundrum.

I did not coin the term.

Ever mull over a potential decision or selection or strategy or otherwise, only to find that the longer you spend contemplating the myriad options, the more frustrated you become?

Enter analysis paralysis.

We are ever fortunate to have at our fingertips the ability to crunch numbers and create spreadsheets and “research” certain aspects of numberless metric points.

Instead of making decisions with our hearts though, we are programmed nowadays to look into every possible angle of every possible outcome in an effort to make an “educated” decision on anything from what college to attend to where to purchase laundry detergent or toilet paper.

Of course being a smart consumer has its inherent value but at the end of the day the time we spend driving across town to one particular gas station just to save a few cents cancels out in the fuel we burn just getting there.

And this applies to any section of our life which we find consumed by the ever present analysis of data.

Wanna know a secret?

There is no right answer.

There’s only the one you make in the NOW.

Take a deep breath.

Focus all your attention on the heart.

FEEL for a shift.

And act.



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