When I was a boy my Father rigged my kite to a deep sea fishing pole. 

I could let the kite fly as high and as far as I wanted, and to retrieve it was just a few cranks of the reel away. 

Armed with a ready method of kite control, I was able to fly anywhere and with ease. 

While other kids were fumbling with their pink plastic handled spool, I was effortlessly soaring to new heights. 

And NOW as I think back on the fun I had flying that fishing pole kite with my dad, it is clear to me that the lesson at hand, whether he meant to impart it or not, was one of unlimited possibility.

Unlimited possibility in the NOW.

I could have flown my kite holding the string in my hand.

I could have held on to the pink plastic spool.

Or I could splice my kite to seventy five pound test fishing line and watch it soar hundreds and hundreds of feet away, all while still in my control. 

Remember this:

The NOW is limitless.

Sometimes we just need to be shown the way.

Thanks Dad. 

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