not dead yet

We travel outwardly to explore this glorious planet. And in these travels new realizations and connections are made.

Connections with others.

Connections with nature.

Connection with ourselves. 

It is the connection with self though that becomes the most intense byproduct of travel and a general search for novelty and adventure.

The realizations gleaned from long swaths of time in solitude coupled with intense and often impromptu interactions with others always work to refine the spirit and polish the soul. 

We are nomadic and tribal animals, meant to move and connect along the way. Stagnation and discord within is the result of an unnatural environment much like the artificial one most of us have become accustomed. 

One of cars, commutes and cubicles.

This unnatural environment breeds depression, anxiety and generalized discontent.

Discontent with the world around us.

Discontent with the beliefs of others.

Discontent with the trivial.

The world we have created and subscribe to is a direct product of our thinking and informational intake. 

Learn to cultivate the best within the mind and heart and watch fear slip away.

Fear drives much of our reluctance to truly live.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of discomfort. 

Fear of _______________.

One question:

Would you rather be ALIVE,

or “not dead yet”.
Your move. 

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