“Stay in the established tracks”.

This was the advice a nice older moustached gentleman gave me after he helped dig my jeep out of soft sand.

He didn’t have to stop to help but he did.

No questions asked.

I had been apprehensive about taking the jeep into the sand because, well, I had never done it before.

I had no idea what I was doing.

But I went anyway.

And I got stuck.


Sand up the the chassis deep.

And a few minutes later, after some strategic digging and a smoked clutch, I was out.

The ordeal behind me I can now venture into the sand with no fear.

No fear of getting stuck.

No fear of looking silly. (Everyone gets stuck)

Because I know what it feels like.

And it really isn’t that bad.

In fact, it was kind of fun.

An adventure of sorts.

And for this experience I am thankful.

Because through it I learned a couple things.

Namely, that reading about getting stuck will not help you get unstuck.

Only the actual experience (and perhaps the help of a kind stranger) will do the trick.


It is fine to go blazing new trails.

But when you need help along the way (and you will), rest assured it will be there.

So welcome it with open arms.

And a smile.

Because you’re alive.




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