It’s a funny thing to become displeased with any given NOW moment. 

To think, “This is not how I would choose to spend my life if I could create my own reality”. 

Except that this is precisely how the whole enchilada works.

We do actually create our reality.

Through our thoughts. 

And nothing more. 

That which we harbor within the deepest recesses of our intimate mind, is that and only that which prevails in our lives. 

Thoughts of purity and connection and progress and success beget like realities. 

Thoughts of pessimism, conflict and scarcity beget a reflection of the same. 

And so we owe it to ourselves to become acquainted with this truth. And what’s more, to learn to consistently train and cultivate the thought streams which literally define our lives.

Practice and support are key. 

For silence and solitude are imperative but sharing this spectacular experience is what actually matters. 


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