What exactly do you want? 

This question is much harder to answer than we expect. And yet, it is one we must explore. That is if we wish to glean genuine results and actualization from this little experience we call life.

Without an answer to this fundamental question we are simply trudging along. 


What more is living day to day uninspired than simply remaining alive? 

I don’t know about you (I actually do) but if given the choice (and it is a choice) between living day to day until we die OR working (and it is work) to become fully ALIVE and powerful and Loving and true to ourselves, then I humbly choose the latter. 

This choice is always here for us to make 


But sometimes Netflix seems like a good idea and comfort or familiarity seem like the easier path. 

A path of stagnation and mindlessness.

But there exists another path.

One of movement and awareness.

One of action and connection and truth.

But in order to embark upon it the question must be asked:

What do you want?

Because you get to decide. 

And the DECISION to act is all that is required to begin. 

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