Fingers move and ideas flow.

Or they don’t.

But the work must continue.

Thoughts must be coaxed out of the ether.

The Muse must be appeased.

The soul must be expressed fully.


There resides within each of us a powerful force.

A voice.

One of reason and purity and truth.

But the voice is often muffled and distorted due to outside influence.

And it is this influence which stifles creative growth.

Our heartfelt outpouring.

Which is our birthright,

and our calling.


To succumb to the myriad trappings of societal norm is to say, “No thank you” to the inherent greatness within.

It is as if by going along with the masses we hand over the reins instead of releasing them entirely, charging our well being and ultimate outcome to others we deem more worthy of that control.

But who else other than our own selves and the infinite Wisdom of the Universe/God (insert higher being of understanding here) could possibly have our own best interest in view?

How can we ever expect to be fulfilled when our default is to rely upon others or outside forces to govern what is inherently ours?

What is unequivocally shining within.


Trust is one thing, and together our power to see grows exponentially.

But total reliance (and blame) is something different entirely.




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