Not bad

“Not bad”.

“Not bad at all”.

We say this quite a bit.

In moments when we are cruising along on autopilot.

Life autopilot.

An autopilot which enables us to pass through social interactions without so much as a pause for new thought, alignment or presence.

We just say the same thing we’ve said the last five hundred times someone asked us how we were.

“How are you?”

“Oh, not bad”.

“Weather sure is crappy”

And then…

We wake up and notice someone’s eye color.

We actually see them.

And they, for seemingly the first time see us.

And for a moment, we are connected in the NOW.

Anchored and aligned.


Because in truth we are all linked inextricably.

But only in the NOW.

Because things are really much more magnificent than we let on.

And they really aren’t … that bad.

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