Intentional Grounding

“She’s so down to earth”…

We say this about someone who seems to have it all together. 

She is unphased by the trappings of the World.

Of Life.

She seems to have mastered something which often eludes the rest of us.

She’s grounded. 

Grounded in faith.

Grounded in Love.

Down to Earth. 

Down to Earth. 
We have moved away from direct contact with the Earth. As a result we see more and more ailments popping up which are often corrected (prevented) at least from an Ayurvedic perspective, by certain techniques of grounding. 

Like it or not we are meant to be in direct skin to Earth contact. This contact creates an energetic interaction which is absolutely necessary for optimal human health. 

Just submerge yourself in any body of water or get your bare hands dirty in the garden. 

Walk barefoot for a change on grass or dirt or sand. The exchange of electrons which results allows for the body to regain the equilibrium lost due to “floating around” on rubber soles and tires. From fortressing within concrete and steel. 

This body of ours requires direct contact with nature. 

Requires it for optimal health. 
Grounding techniques:

1. Walk barefoot in contact with the Earth 

2. Eat foods from the Earth like mushrooms, tubers and other root vegetables. 

3. Practice visualizations which emphasize our innate connection to the planet. 
Please share your experiences with grounding (or lack thereof).

And perhaps we can become a little more Down to Earth. 

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