Temporary High

So much of what we do is in pursuit of a temporary high. 

Caffeine buzz in the morning. 

Cigarette break in the afternoon. 

Glass of wine in the evening. 

And the cycle continues.


Like this for a lifetime. 

When then will we realize that this behavior is one of futility and habitual frustration? 

That the things which provide lasting, long burning satisfaction are actually those we are avoiding by indulging in our vices?

The temporary high feels good in the moment, but leaves us longing in the future NOW. 

And longing is the opposite of living as it indicates that the present moment is insufficient. Lacking. Not good enough. 

And there’s the rub.

This NOW is the product of each NOW before it. Without cultivated awareness here, there cannot be awareness there.

This NOW is all that can possibly matter. 

One comment

  1. Absolutely. I’ve gotten rid of most of the addictions in my life and I’m currently working on cutting down on sugar. A little coffee in the mornings might be the last to go, though 🙂


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