By failing to do our art we subject ourselves to the trappings of mundane trivialities.

The daily grind sets in and before long basic chores and errands become life sucking tasks to be completed.

One by one. 

Make the list.

Check the boxes. 

Hope for a better day tomorrow. 

Except it doesn’t have to be this way. 

By exercising our divinely appointed art, our true spiritual expression, we release the triviality as something else all together. 

By remembering to create, we thwart the tendency to consume and are better as a result.

This is always true.

Depression and other diseases of the mind are often the result of failing to express the self fully. 

Write what’s in your heart.

Create a beautiful photograph.

Paint what’s in your soul.

Show the world what’s within. 

Because if you don’t, the grind will do you in. 

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