Walk into the grocery store without a plan, a list or what’s worse while extremely hungry and the results could be disastrous. Disastrous indeed and quite scattered and fruitless (forgive the play).

Head to the gym with no semblance of intention or goal in mind and what happens is you wind up chatting with the “talker” and not doing much more than a few unmotivated repetitions on the leg extension machine. 

Launch into your day without a mission by which to measure your progress and find yourself in a contorted ball of stress and discord by the end of the week, your efforts all for naught because you were focused purely upon survival. 
Shop with a list and meal plan, with focus and attention upon securing smart, nutritious and economical options for the coming week. 

Enter the gym with a workout plan in mind and document your progress so as to see results and make real time adjustments. Get in, do the work and get out leaving the others to chat their morning away for $157 per month. 

Sit in silence for a few minutes each morning to settle yourself and decide on an overarching theme for the day. A theme of purpose driven activity with measurable actions which at the end can be evaluated and which add value to the life experience. 
This life is much more enjoyable and fruitful when lived on purpose, with attention and with Loving focus. 

Live in purpose 


Live on accident or chance
The choice is yours. 

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