Emotions have inertia too. Not just rocks and cars and the stuff of science.

Emotions can get rolling in one direction and never look back. And the ride can be exhilarating.

Or daunting.

Or exhausting.

Or numbing.

Or frightening.

Or inspiring.

Or defining.

Or educational.

Or sweet.

Or bitter.

And all of this is okay. In fact, it is a required right of passage for being human.

Feel good campaigns and urges to “Grab a Coke” insist upon only one inertial direction.

And the “other way” or “downward track” or dark or sad or neutral or blah is frowned upon as less than ideal.

As something to be thwarted or avoided or altogether blocked or ignored.

But this is a mistake of the grandest stature.

Because the answers to the questions we didn’t even know to ask are being broadcast to us always, and especially in the moments of otherwise.

In the moments of “struggle”.

In the moments of grey and the moments of inner strife.

The answers to our most pressing and deeply rooted questions are within reach if only we would listen. And be mindful of where we are emotionally with respect to the ebb and flow of human feeling.

Feeling is not just an “F” word.

And it isn’t just for human resources meetings and ooogly googly hippies.

Feeling is what it means to be human.

And more specifically, what it means to be sentient and ALIVE. 

I choose to FEEL and to be mindful of the ever-present insistence toward “changing” what it is that’s going on within. Because my current and pervading vibration is a direct result of the vibrations I have been cultivating and entertaining in each of the previous NOW moments of my life.

Focus on the NOW.

Feel. (scary I know)

And remember: you’re doing it right and everything is going to be just fine.

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