What can I control?

It turns out not so much after all.

And by control I mean positively (or negatively) effect the outcome of a particular instance or occurrence.

Yet why would I ever want (or need to control something?)

Perhaps my child is about to dash into traffic after a basketball.

I can intervene by catching the child on her way down the driveway or by getting her attention thus stopping a potential catastrophe.

I suppose you could say I controlled that event.

Better yet, I “prevented” an alternate less desirable outcome.

What about a particular job I am pining over and longing for and filled with passion about?

I can make myself the ultimate candidate but in the end my selection is the decision of some other entity be it another human or often today a computer algorithm.

Let’s try another…

Hundreds of thousands of people would Love for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, and in turn they adopt all manner of ritual, superstition and fantasy. All in an effort to influence the outcome of a game.

A game.

Both sides pray to God for their success in battle.

A game.

Both sides curse their opponent and wish ill will to them.

A game.

Both sides truly believe they are more worthy than the opponent.

A game. And a reminder: I am talking about the fans here.

Is this control or alignment with a certain train of thinking?

Further, is this thinking uplifted or fueled by the desire to triumph at another’s expense?

What then can we control?

Ultimately we can only control the voice within.

The inner monologue so to speak.

And even then it takes a lifetime of redirection and silent training to groove the mind into thinking in a particular way.

For the large majority I believe negativity, lack and scarcity are the grooves which have worn deeply over a lifetime. For others it is doubt and fear and uncertainty.

An alternative exists though. One of positivity, abundance and joy. And an important distinction is worthy of explanation here:

By choosing uplifted thinking in lieu of the opposite is not to say that the full gamut of human emotion is unimportant or that only positivity and happiness should prevail. It is to say, much more simply, that the train of thoughts we choose to reinforce will become the stuff of our entire being.

Emotional tendencies, attitudes and beliefs are TRAINABLE/LEARNABLE/PLASTIC.

Good, bad or otherwise, that which we entertain and accept and reinforce repeatedly will become out reality.

It is already our reality.


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