Let’s talk about what IS.

Because the general consensus and habit seems to be that what gets mentioned or perpetuated or emphasized is what isn’t.

What is lacking.

What is wrong.

What we can’t do and why.

And this train of thinking is just as available as the alternative.

The alternative of speaking of what is.

What is here?

What is happening NOW?

What do I have available to me.

What am I grateful for?

We speak of choice and the powers therein.

And choice is all we have.

The choice to reinforce uplifted, powerful and creative thinking…

Or to reinforce the same model of scarcity which infiltrated the masses, media and the like.

It all comes down to choice and then reinforcement.

If I am miserable I have made a choice.

If I am aware and fulfilled I have made a choice.

Contrary to popular belief our well being stems directly from the World within, thus painting the glasses through which we view everything, and everyone else.

The choice is yours.

And mine.

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