Category: philosophy


It feels like a buzzing.

An irritation of sorts.

A fray in the fabric of my being which needs attention.

And to pay attention,

instead of quickly fixing,

or changing

or finding distraction

is the only exercise which will shed light,

the right kind of light

upon the issue at hand.



Despite extended absence or sabbatical or otherwise, life and learning go on.

There is no pause button.

Only redirected focus.

And focus can de distributed but not without the consequence of reduced intensity.

And when you come back to the task at hand (the one that actually matters) you will be stronger from the break.

Because in the break,

And in the travel,

Perspective is gained.

And without perspective

All appears blandly the same.


What would it feel like

On a cellular level

If you’d reached the pinnacle

Of whatever you’ve imagined

And longed for

your entire life?

Perhaps it’s a job

Or financial status.

Perhaps it’s a spiritual ideal.

Regardless what you envision as the Ultimate,

What would it actually FEEL like? 

How would you act?

How would you move?

What thoughts would predominate your thinking? 

If you were living that life


Goals and aspirations are important. 

But visualization and action is far more valuable. 

Hint: you’re already there. 


Through meditation we align ourselves with the flow of the Universe.

If during normal daily debacles we become misaligned to this flow,

the practices herein bring us back.

It is as if in the course of living this life we find ourselves situated in a perpendicular fashion to the natural flow

less than aerodynamic

less than streamlined

And so the practice of sitting

The practice of silent contemplation

The practice of prayer

Returns us to the NOW

and points us back into the Universal wind of


This too

Find yourself in a place of wonder

Of amazement

Of bliss. 

Find yourself in a state of rapture

Of purity

Of awareness and peace 

Find yourself in a creative mood

A state of abundance

An essence of gratitude 
This too is possible.

With practice.